Department of Microbiology

Projects Undertaken

Sr. No. Title of the project Name of the Investigator(s) Funding agency Year
1 Phage therapy of Klebsiella pneumoniae induced experimental pneumonia and septicemia. Prof. Sanjay Chhibber (PI)
Dr.K. Harjai (Co-I)
ICMR 2006-2009
2. Enteral feeding with OMEGA-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acids and its effect and Streptococcus pneumoniae. Prof. Sanjay Chhibber (PI)
Dr.Saroj Sharma (Co-I)
Dr. K. Harjai (Co-I)
ICMR 2005-2008
3. Biotransformation of heroin and morphine to pharmaceutically useful compounds Dr. Prince Sharma (PI)
Dr. Neena Caplash (Co-I)Deptt. of Bio-technology, P.U., Chd.
Departm-ent of Forensic Science 2006-2008
4. Modulation of endotoxin mediated hepatotoxicity by natural antioxidants. Dr. Praveen Rishi (PI)
Dr. Kanwaljit Chopra (Co-I), Deptt. of UIPS, P.U., Chd.
ICMR (Govt. of India) 2005- 2008
5. Acid induced 55 kDa outer membrane protein of S. typhi gene cloning, purification and biological implications. Dr. Praveen Rishi (PI)
Dr. Rupinder Tiwari (Co-I), Deptt. of Biotechnology, P.U., Chd.
ICMR (Govt. of India) 2006-2009
6. Interaction of Paneth cell cryptdins with selected intestinal pathogens Dr. Praveen Rishi (PI)
Dr. R. P. Tiwari (Co-I)
Dr. Geeta Shukla (Co-I)
(Govt. of India)
7 Contribution of Quorum Sensing in Immune Modulation and Virulence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in pathogenesis of Urinary Tract Infections. Dr. Kusum Harjai (PI)
Dr. Saroj Sharma (Co-I)
Dr. S. Chhibber (Co-I)
D.B.T. 2006-2009
8. Incidence of Quorum Sensing Mechanisms in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Common pathogen associated with nosocomial infections. Dr. Kusum Harjai (PI)
Dr. S. Chhibber (Co-I)
ICMR 2006-2007

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