Department of Microbiology

Research Projects

S.No. Title of Project and Sanction Letter No Sponsor / Funding Agency Sanctioned Amount (Rs. in Lakhs) Tenure / Duration Supervisor / Principal Investigator / Co-Supervisor Number of Manpower / Research Fellows Brief Objective
1.  To study and compare the sewage treatment at various STPs in Chandigarh and evaluation of tertiary treated water at UGRs and supply chain.
DST-UT 2.50 1 Year Dr. Naveen Gupta / 1 I. Collection of treated sewage water from various STPs and tertiary treated water from UGRs and supply chain in Chandigarh II. Assessment of BOD, COD of the water samples. III. Monitoring of MPN count and presence of various pathogenic organisms. IV. Assessment of other parameters including presence of heavy metals, dissolved solids, hardness etc. V. Monitoring the intensity and frequency of bad odor in tertiary treated water at various points
2.  Deciphering the microbiome landscape of native and migrated "Pangwala" tribal population of India : A pilot scale tribal microbiome Initiative.
HRD Scheme of the Department of Health Research 28.26 3 years Mr. Khem Raj / 1 I. Sample collection, transportation and preservation II. DNA extraction, PCR amplification of 16S rDNA and amplicon sequencing. III. Sequence processing and bioinformatics analysis of microbiome composition.

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